Thinking through the landscape design of a small area, you need to consider that such areas have their own nuances in the arrangement, which you should definitely know. Experts offer a lot of ideas that are suitable for small gardens and create a cozy atmosphere.

How to make a small area?

Developing independently landscape design of a small territory, experts advise to take into account a certain number of rules:

Hide the garden borders, that is, the fence. The easiest way to do this is to use green braiding plants, and in front of them, you should plant low-growing flowers.

Species of the garden should be free, for which place a lawn here. Thanks to this it will be possible to visually increase the space.

Sites of the correct form are recommended to be broken, that is, paths and flower beds are better laid diagonally or in the form of different shapes.
The landscape of a small area should be planned so that all corners are removed, that is, it is important to use them with advantage, for example, by installing a gazebo or a brazier there.

For a visual increase in space, you can divide the area into zones that are at different levels. For this purpose, high beds, alpine slides and so on are used.
Good results can be obtained by applying a “mirror” effect, that is, it is necessary to imagine elements in the garden that exists outside of it. A similar result can be achieved by using a reservoir.

For landscaping a small area, you can use vertical lines, for example, in the form of high pots, partitions, and screens. Do not overload the area with lots of plants.

Experts are recommended in the garden to combine materials and use different textures.

Trees for a small plot

Many novice gardeners believe that large plants are not suitable for small areas, but this is not so. In fact, even on six hundred square meters, 3-4 large ones will look good, creating coziness. When planting, it is important to consider that the best view can be achieved when the distance from the point of view to the tree is 2-3 times the height of the trunk. Selecting trees for a small area, it should be borne in mind that their number should correspond to the size of the garden. The average distance between the trees is 3-4 m.

Landscape design of a small plot can be arranged with the help of small hardwoods. It is important to consider which breeds you want to plant and how much. Do not forget about the compact varieties, bred specifically for miniature areas. They not only create a spectacular landscape design but also save space. If desired, you can find miniature varieties of most trees. Be sure to ask what the seedlings will be the height and diameter of the crown when they grow. Another option for landscape design of small areas – columnar varieties.