If you are a gardener or even a slightly severe lawn-tender, wild critters such as raccoons coming into your yard can cause a lot of havoc. Since they are nocturnal, raccoons have a habit of sneaking into the yard at night searching for food. There are a few things you can do. According to Rocanvilletown there are several things you can do to prevent attracting raccoons.

If you’ve woken up in the morning and found your garbage strewn all over your lawn, then it’s time to consider the different options available for keeping nocturnal animals such as raccoons from damaging your property. The most effective method is getting rid of raccoons in your lawn for good is contacting your local pest control company. However, there are a few things a smart gardener can do to lessen the damage. 

The following are simple ways you could keep raccoons of your property

Control grub in your lawn. Grub attracts raccoons and other wild critters to dig up portions of your lawn foraging for food. It’s important that you keep your lawn healthy by regularly mulching and fertilizing it. Grub has a preference, compact soil. Therefore, it is essential to properly aerate your lawn to reduce egg laying. Water your garden once a week. This will help keep your grass strong. You could also use environmentally friendly pesticides to control grub infestation. 

Build fences and enclosures.Raccoons are easily attracted to food sources in your property due to their great sense of smell. Building a fence will prevent raccoons from destroying your lawn.  It’s important to note that raccoons are excellent climbers. Therefore, a regular wall won’t do.  An electric fence or one with sensors is a safer bet.

Scare them away. There are several solutions and products available in hardware stores and garden centers that can be used to scare away raccoons. Acoustic alarms, sprinklers, and motion sensing lights can abruptly change the environment scaring away the raccoons. Raccoons avoid human voices, setting up a radio where raccoons frequent could help deter them. 

Plant covers to protect your lawn plants.Plant covers will help mask plants that get the most attention from invading raccoons. You could either make DIY covers or purchase them from your local hardware or garden center. Larger plants and trees can be protected by using metal screens or plastic wrapping around the trunk. 

Use repellents. There are several repellents you could use to get rid of raccoons. Cayenne pepper and hot sauce mixture can be used to deter raccoons from your lawn. Spray the solution to areas that have been damaged or gets frequently visited by the critters. 

Call your local raccoon removal company. We know how it can be frustrating to dealing with raccoons within the premises of your property. We always recommend hiring professional help since it is more efficient and humane. Professional trapper will do the job quickly and safely for you and your family members. When we have to deal with raccoons in our backyard or in our attic, we always call our friends from Raccoon Removal Mississauga. They are always provide the best solution and offer two-year warranty. 

The easiest way to get rid of raccoons on your own is to adopt good cleaning habits. Make sure you do not leave pet food or your bird feeders in your lawn at night. Ensure that your garbage is safely secured with a lockable lid, and clean up your yard after picnics or meals. Raccoons will only invade your property is they are sure they will get food sources. Eliminating food sources significantly reduces your chances of getting invaded. 

If none of these solutions are working for you, it’s time to let the professionals do what they do best. Contact your local wildlife removal service to help you out.