Squirrels are nice, funny and playful little creatures around the yard. However, if you run a garden every year, you may not be one of their biggest fans. Squirrels are a common irritant for garden visitors because they are very good at infiltrating and cause all kinds of problems in the garden. If you are tired of living under the tyranny of pesky garden squirrels, this can help you take a new approach. Continue reading to learn some effective tips on how to protect your garden from squirrels damage, safely and humanely.

Make some environmental adjustments

The first step is to stop these little furry creatures and adjust their surroundings. This means doing everything possible to prevent the activity and access to the squirrel. You should put away pet food and water containers, discard bird baths and houses, and exclude hanging branches near roofs, patios, gardens, umbrellas, garages and more (cut at least 6 meters). You will also do well to close your trash cans and take them outside the morning of the day.

If you have trees near your house and garden, you can think about installing metal sheets around the trunks to keep the squirrels from getting on. This metallic tree involves the inhibition of traction. If they cannot climb their trees, they are unlikely to compromise with their property for too long.

Garden proofing

If you are planting bulbs this year, consider planting them with cages. These metal cages can be purchased at any local store to improve the gardens or home. Or you can do it yourself using standard sheet metal. You can go a step further by installing a sheet of metal mesh on the top of your garden floor. Just make sure that the openings in the mesh are at least 2 1/2 inches in diameter so as not to impede the growth of the plant. You can also use other types of barriers and reinforcements in the garden, such as barbed wire and hardware cloth. These methods will work well to prevent the annoying creatures from digging the plants in your garden.

Sensory barriers

There are many toxic and non-toxic household substances that you can use to thwart the activity of a squirrel in certain areas of your garden. Many spices and aromas do not like wild animals, such as cayenne pepper, mint, menthol, and cinnamon. Spray a mixture of spices around the perimeter of the garden for more protection. You can also use balls of mothballs or cotton balls dipped in ammonia, as well as pool predator (coyotes, wildcats, mountain lions, etc.) and fake owl secretions and a spray of bitter apples. Just be sure to reapply regularly to maintain a firm and strong barrier.

The professional squirrel control service

If annoying squirrels are a constant problem of your property, they are very likely to cause problems in other areas of your home. You can always try to get a squirrel problem early if you can. It is important that you hire a wildlife watch company to check your home for squirrel openings, damage, injuries, and other wildlife allergies. Professional intervention and wildlife removal services will save you a lot of time, money and long-term frustration.